Improving the building
Working out the future
Proposing uses

Background Info
Between 2005 and 2008 Thinking Space for the North was located at Low Parkamoor, a remote and previously derelict farmhouse in the English Lake District. The project by Dan Robinson and Bryan Davies worked in partnership with Grizedale Arts to develop the site and its imaginative future through hands-on renovation work, designs, and dialogues. The farm was handed back to Grizedale Arts in August 2008 as a multi-functional residency and project space. The interior 'Thinking Space' parlour and this website now function as resources to explore ideas about the site - its identity, narratives and future potential.

August 2008: Hand over back to Grizedale Arts
22 July 2008: Thinking Space Parlour - finishing touches
June 2008: Mud Office design self-insulating chairs
4th - 11th July 2008:Protoacademy natural dialogue work exchange
02 February 2008: The Wonderful North and Guestroom stay over
25 October 2007: Installation of green PVC floor in parlour
August 2007: Lime-plastering and bespoke furniture installation in parlour
28 July 2007: Labour Swap with Castlefield Gallery staff
29 June - 12 Aug 2007: 'To the Left of the Rising Sun' Castlefield, Manchester
Spring 2007: The house is shaping up - new windows, range, pump and beds